The Microsoft 2016 Build Conference has come to an end. It was a very fun 3 days.  From HoloLens’s to Roslyn to Xamarin there was nerdy goodness everywhere. When reflecting on the events it occurred to me that there were several reoccurring themes.

Microsoft Everywhere

  • With the purchase of Xamarin they have can create mobiles apps for almost any device
  • Docker was heavily demoed
  • In one of the coolest live demoes I have ever seen they took a Docker container with ASP.Net core and pushed it to Docker Cloud, AWS, Marathon and VSTS live.
  • Red Hat was represented and even presented


  • Almost every single project they talked about at either has or will be moving to Core
  • ASP.Net now has its own core implementation
  • The Roslyn compiler is straight up drool worthy


  • They are completely baking Git into Studio
  • It sounds like a large percentage of Microsoft teams are already using Git
  • It was rear to sit through a presentation without the presenter going out to GitHub


  • NuGet is getting fully baked into studio
    By fully baked I mean studio will actually go out to your NuGet repositories to find missing references and add them to your project.
  • I cannot think of one code demo that did not use NuGet

Config Files Are Going Away/Rise of JSON

  • core doesn’t use them; it uses JSON instead
  • NuGet in studio is switching over to JSON
  • A lot of the VSTS configurations are JSON based

Closing Thoughts

At first blush it may seem as though Microsoft is going a little soft.  I think what we are seeing isn’t a softer gentler Microsoft, but one that has learned from some of its mistakes.  They have tried to compete with Apple and Linux by making their own closed devices like the Windows phone. To say the least, it has not worked out for them. Even with all of their resources without buy in from the larger tech community they become irrelevant.

To put it simply:

  • In a closed world Microsoft dies a slow death
  • In an a more open world they prosper