Before We Start

Let me acknowledge not everyone sharers the same taste.  I like smooth medium roasts with earthy flavor; that will be my focus.  This is not a judgement on those of you that love your Starbucks, it is just not what I like.


If you don’t have quality beans you won’t have quality coffee.  My favorite bean is a medium roast Jamaican Blue Mountain.  It may take some time but it is worth finding a coffee roaster you like.  Mine only does Blue Mountain once a year, but it is always worth the wait. There are those that claim Kopi Luwak is better, but I just cannot bring myself to try it.


Coffee Maker

If you are serious about coffee; I strongly suggest getting a vacuum brewer that does not use a paper filter.  Vacuum brewers heat water to the perfect temperature for brewing, because of science.  Paper filters filter out too much and you often loose some really good flavor. I have been using the Bodum Pebo (formerly Santos) glass vacuum brewers for nearly 15 years and love them.


When using a vacuum brewer a burr grinder is not 100% necessary, but a really, really good idea. An inconsistent gride can plug up your brewer, which is a huge pain.  Note, vacuum brewers typically work best with a very course grind.

Closing Thoughts And Notes

  • Finding the right bean/roast for you is the most important part of making great coffee
  • Don’t fall into the trap many wine drinkers do, if you cannot taste a difference don’t spend money on a name