Becoming A Software Test Engineer

What a test engineer is Before we go into how to become a test engineer we should be clear about what a test engineer is. A »

The Browser/OS Combination Problem

The Problem You have N number of tests, O number of browsers and P number of operating systems. If you don’t think too much, it »

Build 2016 Themes

The Microsoft 2016 Build Conference has come to an end. It was a very fun 3 days. From HoloLens’s to Roslyn to Xamarin there was »

Uploading automated test results to MTM made "easy"

As you may know, Microsoft Test Manager is capable of running both manual and automated tests. This is great because it allows you to manage your »

Brewing Great Coffee

Before We Start Let me acknowledge not everyone sharers the same taste. I like smooth medium roasts with earthy flavor; that will be my focus. This »